Looking like a hero…


What a sad state of affairs.  Some of the work we run across is simply atrocious.  Insulation with no air-sealing–a complete waste of money.  Poor windows, installed poorly!  And furnaces and air-conditioners installed without adult supervision.  It’s easy for us to look like heros by simply doing things the right way and fixing the terrible work of those who’ve gone before.

Wow. At least they used tape, eh?

The above is a Virginia example, run across by the folks at Energy Efficient Solutions, our partner in the Yorktown area of Virginia. I ran out of fingers counting the visible problems here. I shudder to think what the rest of the construction details look like.

Most of the time, Chuck and company are able to fix this and leave the homeowner tickled with the huge improvement.  It this case, unfortunately, it’s a bank-owned property, and apparently they’re not interested in having it fixed.

Sometimes, you just gotta shake your head.

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One Response to “Looking like a hero…”

  1. Amanda Evans Says:

    May I show this photo to my classes – it’s such a wonderful example of dangerous work. I’ll give you credit.

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