Home values increase with energy-efficiency and renewables


A NY Times article this week pointed to some less than good news for those with equity in their homes:  Home prices fall again.   

But there are ways to increase the value of your home.  Laura Stukel touched on this in her post a couple of weeks ago.  And a study released by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) this week points to solar—in addition to energy efficiency—as boosting home value. 

This is good news, and it reflects the obvious-sounding anecdotes we’ve been hearing for a long time from our customers.

With the benefits aligning (and energy prices rising), the question has increasingly become how can you afford not to make your home more energy-efficient?


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3 Responses to “Home values increase with energy-efficiency and renewables”

  1. Suzanne Watson Says:

    How do we get the real estate appraisers to acknowledge the fact that efficiency and renewables add real tangible value to a property upon sale or refinancing?

  2. Suzanne Watson Says:

    Well, unfortunately what we are seeing here in DC is a defunding of much of the research and data capture. The Energy Information Agency (EIA) just lost 15 million of a 110 million budget for just the next seven months. They were hard pressed enough to get us the needed data BEFORE such a draconian cut. Next year looks worse. EM&V is critical but the question is who has the time and money to do that work?

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