The secret lives of bath fans


90% of your time may be spent indoors.  Not in a bathroom I hope, but indoors for sure.    

Most of us understand some of the benefits of having a good fan in the bathroom.   I’ll just say it, odor is one.  So is moisture, but it goes beyond avoiding foggy mirrors after a shower.  That much moisture in a home shouldn’t stick around for a number of reasons.  Mold is a big one.   (The kitchen is another place where moisture adds up and should be exhausted.)  The moisture needs to be pushed outside of building , there’s no sense of just moving it to the attic to cause problems there.

Too often, the cheapo fan, a.k.a. rattle boxes or noise makers, can certainly be heard but don’t really move much air.  And some older fans draw a lot of electricity even while they’re not helping much.  Every home assessment we do includes health and safety testing for carbon monoxide, for example.  We also determine if there is adequate ventilation for the home.  I’m often asked why after tightening up a home we would recommend running a fan, essentially make it leakier—it has to do with indoor air quality something I’ve talked about lately.  I’ll touch on that next week. 

Exhaust fans like those from Panasonic  or Renewaire can take care of more than spot ventilation.  In cold or dry climates, they can help make the whole house better.  If you don’t have a bath fan yet maybe it is time make it part of your healthier home.  Consider having your house assessed by a BPI accredited company.  Our certified advisors can help determine how safe your home is and what kind of ventilation you need.  You never can tell what secrets may hide right under your nose.

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