Easy-Bake Oven loses its bulb with 100-watt phase-out


 This brings back memories of the little baked cakes my sister would make.  It amazed me that a little plastic toy with a light bulb inside could actually make a cake.  Patience was always tried since it seemed to take forever, but I guess 15 minutes isn’t really that long though.

Surely a sign of the times, lights out for the 100 watt light bulb.  In the United States, 100 watt bulbs will be the first to go by next year.  So the easy bake oven gets a new retro design and a heating element like a regular oven.  My guess is it’s not any more efficient, but hey it’s baking a cake!  That’s important work.  As matter of fact it’s a bigger baking area so I hope it’s at least better insulated.

What this really brings to mind is the importance of lighting and how we are seeing many new opportunities.  CFL’s are a good option. LED’s are even better.  We’ve talked about CREE lighting before.  There are also LED light bulbs available, and by next year some promise a replacement for the burnt out 100watt incandescent such as Switch light bulbs.   I guess we will see.

With major power outages now and then and the rising cost of everything and the increased usage of electronic gadgets, it makes sense to pay attention to electricity a little more closely.  I think I might bake a cake celebrating the beginning of the end and also new beginnings.

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