A few thoughts on replacement windows


The folks at Replacement Windows for Dummies (.com) recently asked me a few questions about replacement windows–check out the article

Mike Rogers of GreenHomes interviewed by ReplacementWindowsforDummies.com

As those of you who’ve spoken with our Advisors or seen the replacement window video know, we like windows.  New windows can increase comfort, reduce drafts, reduce UV fading, and more.  They are NOT a miracule energy-saver, though.  If it’s energy savings you’re after, don’t get sucked into the hype.  Get a good home energy assessment and find out what you really need. 


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One Response to “A few thoughts on replacement windows”

  1. If windows save you 50% on energy costs, install twice as many and stop paying utility bills all together! « GreenHomes America Says:

    […] Right here we’ve talked about windows many times in the past. Windows are often replaced because the existing  ones are broken, inoperable or for aesthetic reasons. As far as energy efficiency is concerned, however, at GreenHomes America it has always been our position to improve insulation and air sealing first, then take a look at heating, cooling, duct and hot water systems next.  These are the common problems found in most people’s homes. Window replacement will save energy, but the energy savings will be modest. So remember, if you hear outlandish energy savings claims about replacement windows that  sound too good to be true…  it probably is! […]

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