Does Daylight Savings Time Save Energy?


Tonight (or Sunday morning at 2am if you happen to be up then) Daylight Saving Time ends, and we turn our clocks back an hour.  (I still have to repeat “Spring forward, fall back” to remember which way it goes.)

Ostensibly, we use DST to save energy.  Some will cite a U.S. DOE study that suggests DST saves 0.5% electricity.  As this Scientific American article says, though, the studies are decidedly mixed.  Some studies conclude that DST actually increases energy consumption, exactly the opposite of its intended affect.  Does anyone have a coin to toss so we can settle this?

We do know a few things, though.  Farmers tend not to like it because it messes with their schedule.  I surely do NOT like it in the Spring which I lose an hour of sleep.  On the other hand, it’s been a very busy couple of months, and I’m very much looking forward to the extra hour of sleep tomorrow morning.  I’ll probably dream of air-sealing during that time.  Ah, relaxation!

Sleep well!

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One Response to “Does Daylight Savings Time Save Energy?”

  1. londheart Says:

    It’s not necessarily about saving energy – it’s about avoiding road accidents, and illnesses such as rickets (which still exists in the West)

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