Can Google Heat Your Home?


Looking down the road with our sister companies at The Linc Group, and Linc Lighting & Electrical, GreenHomes is already exploring how a shift toward electric vehicles will impact home energy use and the need for home energy efficiency.  There are some big ideas being experimented with.

And another interesting idea was discussed over the weekend in a NY Times article on “data furnaces”.  Very timely given the “Cyber Monday” heat we anticipate today.  The basic premise is to use the tremendous amount of heat generated in data centers—from the servers that run Google, Netflix, and the rest of the internet world—to heat homes.  It’s not so far fetched.  We have examples of co-generation heat in this county dating back more than a century.  While this used to be centered around industrial heat sources, high tech is part of that industrial base.  Further, there are intriguing benefits of distributed capacity on both the energy and the internet sides.

Don’t look for Google to be asking to install servers in your basement this year.  But don’t be shocked if the opportunity comes soon.  Just one of the exciting things we’re working on!


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