Moisture in the Home: Sometimes you need a dehumidifier


Despite what some might think, bigger isn’t always better. We talk about the right size furnace or air conditioner for our homes, it makes sense that a dehumidifier should be sized right too.

First of all, I suggest you take care of everything you can to reduce moisture in the first place. (Home as microbiology experiment? Moisture, keep it reasonable and stay safe) This is a lot like what I suggest in terms of heating and cooling in a home. Air seal and insulate first to make the home more efficient, then change the HVAC system.  The same principle applies to choosing a dehumidifier:  reduce the need first, and this will allow for a smaller unit.  It might be smaller, but it will use less energy.

Since basements and other spaces sometimes need some dehumidification, consider the following chart:

Picking a dehumidifier

ENERGY STAR® qualified models are better since they use less energy, and you can check the EnergyGuide sticker to see what yearly energy consumption a model has.




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