Asthma? Indoors is not Always a Safe Haven!


June is upon us and in some parts of the country we are opening windows in others, closing them up.  Asthma awareness month, the month of May, is over but I feel it’s a subject always worth talking about.

asthma triggers from

We forget how important our indoor air is.  The EPA graphic above, points out a number of triggers for those that suffer from Asthma, so many of them trapped in our indoor environments we consider safe.

Outdoor air pollution is the problem that comes to mind, but inside we can build up excessive dust from a lack of air sealing in a home, unhealthy by-products from unvented combustion appliances, mold from crawlspaces and basements as well as chemical triggers from the stuff under the sink.

Allergens and irritants build up in a home when we don’t have the right kind of airflow, we need fresh air and we need to know where it comes from.  Breathing easy comes from taking care of the fundamentals we consider when we assess a home:  IAQ, combustion safety, and controlling the airways.



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