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Senator Sanders and Assistant Secrectary Zoi lead geothermal discussion

April 17, 2010

Asst. Secretary Cathy Zoi joins U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders and Congressman Peter Welch at a forum to discuss geothermal technology.

I just got back from a discussion this afternoon hosted by Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont and featuring Assistant Secretary Cathy Zoi from the Department of Energy on the topic of geothermal.  Congressman Peter Welch also had the chance to speak of the bipartisan Home Star legislation that he introduced this week to help create jobs and make homes more energy-efficient. 

I’m a fan of geothermal, where it makes sense.  I was heartened though, to see many of the discussants talk about the importance of energy efficiency first.  Geothermal often makes the most sense when we’ve maximized energy-efficiency.  As a couple of the speakers mentioned–and as readers of this blog often hear–a critical first step is improving the envelope of the home.  That is, making sure the home is well-sealed, well insulated, with good ducts were applicable, and extending even to efficient windows and doors.  Geothermal–along other heat pump technology–is going to be a solid part of a smart energy future.  And it will best deliver on its promise after we’ve made our homes and commerical buildings more comfortable and energy-efficient.

I captured Cathy Zoi’s opening remarks on a bit of shaky video.


Green Jobs

November 3, 2009

Bernie Sanders gets a twofer this week, with a quote from his website:

“Today we face the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression. There is no better moment to move forward aggressively on energy efficiency and creating new sustainable energy and creating jobs in the process. The potential for job growth in this area is bigger than almost anything else I can think of.”

-Senator Bernie Sanders, chairman of the Senate Green Jobs and New Economy Subcommittee

Also, check out his “unfiltered” video from this week. 


Senator Bernie Sanders: Good environmental policy is good economic policy

November 1, 2009

Bernie Sanders in both Senate hearing and other writings with respect to environmental policy, energy policy, and economic policy, “the low-hanging fruit and a real job creator is energy efficiency”.  

[Speaking of Senator Sanders, check out this video from July 2009 from a hearing on Green Jobs, and note that Burlington, VT despite healthy growth and the increase in gadgets seen everywhere, today is consuming only 1% more electricity than it did 20 years ago, essentially handling growth in electricity needs by efficiency rather than building new power plants. ]


U.S. Senate Examines Green Jobs

July 21, 2009

Senator Bernie Sanders (VT) will be chairing his first green jobs subcommittee hearing on July 21 at 12:00pm EDT.  It will be streamed live on the EPW site –  

Meanwhile GreenHomes has new green jobs in CA–I’ll try to get some photos of our guys out in the field there today.


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