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Video: Wall insulation retrofits

February 25, 2009

Yesterday on the Bridge Street TV show on ABC in Syracuse Frank LaSala talked about wall insulation and air-sealing in existing homes.  Check it out!

Video: Do you have icicles on your house?

January 7, 2009

Are there lots of icicles on your house? There may be an issue that you can fix!

Frank LaSala of GreenHomes America in Syracuse, NY talks about how not having the right amount of ventilation and insulation can be the cause of icicles.  You can view the Bridge Street clip here.

Read more about icicles and ice damming

Keeping your furnace humming

December 23, 2008

GreenHomes America is part of a regular segment on Syracuse, NY’s WSYR’s “Bridge Street”. From time to time, we will be providing you a link to the segments. These provide great information on how to make your home more efficient. We look forward to your feedback.

In this segment, Frank and Pat from our Syracuse office explain furnaces, comparing both old and new. Would you know if your heat exchanger is cracked? Pat reviews tips on how to keep your furnace operating smoothy.

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