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LED lighting moves past just a bright idea: it helps to improves lives

September 27, 2011

I keep seeing new ideas and activity with lighting. 

 To my pleasant surprise I was just in a home with retrofit lighting, with both a CFL bulbs, and LED bulbs.   I liked the LED better.  (And you’ve probably heard Mike rave about them.)   Light Emitting Diode lighting is making great headway.  In an earlier post I briefly mentioned Switch light bulbs which look pretty cool even when they are off.

There’s more than a good looking light to this technology.  The New York Times reported today  about a non profit orginization  D-
which has designed a light therapy product called Brilliance for infants suffering from jaundice.  Not a life threatening situation for all, but in resource poor countries, technology like this may make a big difference.  Untreated, jaundice can lead to deafness and brain damage.

The key to Brilliance and the use of LED’s is that the lighting lasts longer and uses half the wattage of the specialty CFL’s a similar device needs.  It costs less, saves more.  That’s something in which we can all see the benefit, and it’s at the heart of what I love about energy-efficiency.  Done well, it can be about doing more with less.   I’ll talk more about this new technology and what it means to all of us in future weeks, from what it is, why it’s better and some advances that might surprise you.   

In the meantime, as readers here now, energy-efficiency in your home isn’t about “shivering in the dark”, but just the opposite.  It’s about staying more comfortable, safer, with better lighting, while wasting less energy.

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LEDs have lower life-cycle energy use than Incandescents

November 30, 2009
Incandescent bulb shown next to LED bulb

Photo from the NY Times article

The NY Times reports on a German study which indicates that LED lighting requires 1/5 the energy of incandescent bulbs over their life cycle–that includes manufacture and disposal in addition to the obvioius electricity consumption while they’re being used for lighting.  Just another sign the LED lighting will likely play a big role in our future.  (And some LED lighting is ready today.)


Recessed Lighting–Energy Issues

September 28, 2009
Air-sealing around recessed cans and other videos on the GHA site

Air-sealing around recessed cans and other videos on the GHA site

Last month, I mentioned air-sealing around recessed lights.  Well, we’ve put together a short video explaining how we find and fix leakage and touching on some of the energy-efficient lighting options.  This video and a couple of other on air-sealing generally are posted on the GreenHomes air-sealing page.


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