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Electrics cars mean we need energy savings at home

August 7, 2009

There’s growing buzz about electric cars as a way to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and address climate change.  It really is one of the ways we can address energy use in our transportation system (there are many others, including public transit).

GM's Volt and the Nissan Leaf--from the GM website

GM's Volt and the Nissan Leaf--from the GM website

But if we’re going to start powering our cars with electricity, we need to think about where that electricity is coming from.  Even with new power plants coming online, most regions of the country are looking at capacity shortfalls (brownouts and blackouts, anyone?).  We won’t be able to generate our way out of this.  And some of the lowest hanging fruit here is energy-efficiency, including electrical efficiency, in homes.   Just another reason that moving forward, we won’t have any choice but to become more efficient.


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