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Energy security an important piece of the puzzle

May 1, 2011

Energy-efficiency and renewable energy are important not to make you feel good. They enhance our capability. This forum on energy security hosted by Deputy Energy Secretary Daniel Poneman and Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn explains how, with a focus on military capability. But we can apply the same logic at many levels, national, state, and local.

And in our own homes. Energy-efficiency obviously saves energy. But done properly, it is also inextricably linked to comfort, safety, and durability of homes–and these benefits often outweigh the energy savings and the project costs. It’s bigger than just energy, and that’s how you should think about it.

Secretary Chu cites a “Sputnik Moment” for energy policy and clean energy development

December 4, 2010

Following the thread of my post yesterday, I wanted to point you to an address at the National Press Club by Energy Secretary Chu.  Chu pointed to recent clean technology successes by China and other countries as a “Sputnik Moment” for the U.S.  We don’t can to sit back and do nothing and maintain a leadership position.  Indeed, on energy, we’ve already fallen behind in important areas.  As Chu indicated, we need to see what’s going on and marshall American ingenuity, strength, and can-do spirit to create cost-effective clean energy technologies–and I’d emphasize increasing efficiency–to power our country and drive our economy through the next century.  We should be hungry.  The Chinese and others have already started to eat our lunch on this front.


GreenHomes is Hiring

July 26, 2009

Please pardon the ad, but I thought this might be of interest to you or someone you know.  Although the economy hasn’t bounced back completely yet, a lot of people are recognizing the importance of and value of improving their homes.   The $1500 federal tax credits for insulation, furnaces, air-conditioners, windows, and more certainly help.  And from an ROI perspective, investing in energy-efficiency can be one of the best investments to make right now.

As such, GreenHomes is busier than ever and accepting applications in Syracuse, Princeton, Northern New Jersey, and LA and Ventura counties in California.   Additional locations coming soon.  We’re looking for Advisors, Shell Technicans, HVAC Technicians, Certified Solar Installers, and more.   This is a great place for someone who likes the idea of more homes safer, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient, and who is looking to play a role in the country’s clean energy future.   See  GreenHomes for more info.

GreenHomes is Hiring!

Jobs in a Clean-Energy Future

June 26, 2009
Van Jones discusses green jobs and a clean-energy economy at the White House

Van Jones discusses green jobs and a clean-energy economy at the White House

Check out Van Jones in this White House video talking about Wetherization and green jobs.  At GreenHomes, we are holding on to existing jobs and creating new ones, even in this challenging economy.  I think that’s because people understand that investing in energy-efficiency and protecting themselves from the uncertainty of fluctuating and spiking energy prices is a smart move.  And not only is it one of the safest investments to make right now, but it also results in a safer, more comfortable home.  A green home.


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