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GreenHomes America’s “Biggest, Baddest Icicles” Photo Contest

January 18, 2011

Win a Free Comprehensive Home Energy Assessment and $1,000 Worth of Attic Insulation and Air Sealing!

They’re BIG and they’re BAD. Icicles may make pretty ornaments for your home, but they are actually telltale signs of valuable heat and energy escaping through your home’s roof! Chances are, your heating bill is going through the roof, too.

Inadequate insulation in the attic and air leaks around fixtures, vents, attic stairs and other spots causes heat to travel up through your roof, melting the snow and ice. Those strange snow-melt patterns on your roof – squares, rectangles, etc. – those are hot spots where heat is leaking out as well! Adding insulation and air sealing will help keep heat in your home where it belongs, saving you money and making your home more comfortable. Icicles and ice buildup can also cause ice damming, which leads to leaks and can cause structural damage in your home.

GreenHomes America is offering a free comprehensive home energy assessment and $1,000 worth of attic insulation and air sealing to the person who shows us their biggest and baddest icicles photo by 2/28/11! Please visit the contest page for more details and to submit your icicle photo!

Or, learn more about ice damming at:

Ice in Auburn

January 27, 2009

We spent a few days in Auburn, NY last week working on several projects.  Driving through town we saw ice and icicles everywhere!  As you know from previous posts, this isn’t good. Of course, Auburn isn’t unique.  In towns and cities throughout the Northeast right now we’ve got “perfect” conditions to wreck roofs—a lot of snow and highs in the 20’s.  Why the 20s?  It’s warm enough that the wasted heat escaping through the attic can melt a lot of snow.  But it’s cold enough that the melted water quickly refreezes when it hits the eaves.


Some people are battling this with heat tape on the roofs.  This may help (not always) with the short term problem—but now you are using even more energy to address a problem caused by wasting energy!  This means very high bills.  It’s better to get to the root of the problem.


Back to Auburn.  If you live in Central New York, and you’ve got a picture of bad ice at your house, enter our contest and you might win a visit from GreenHomes to help fix the problem!



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