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More on the McKinsey EE Report

August 3, 2009

Reading the McKinsey energy efficiency report again over the weekend I noted that one of the solution strategies cited (p.39 of the report) Home Performance with ENERGY STAR, the Building Performance Institutie (BPI) ,and the promotion of home performance solutions such as those of the heart of the GreenHomes approach.

 They call out the need for proper sizing of HVAC equipment and duct sealing—things you’ve seen mentioned here.

 The report mentions a lot of barriers.  Including education, contractor capacity, and financing.  But we address all of these on a daily basis.   So I’m encouraged because we see it working for our customers every day—and it means it really is possible on a broader scale.


NY Times Op-Ed on Renovating Buildings

April 6, 2009

There’s an interesting Op-Ed in today’s NY Times about the importance of renovating older buildings. 


Right on!  One caveat about a recommendation in the article.  Energy audits generally don’t save energy.  To do that you actually need to make the necessary improvements—and if you’re hiring a contractor, make sure they understand the diagnosis and root source of any problem, that the install the measures according to current best practices and the recommendations of EPA and DOE.  [Using a BPI accredited contractor is a good place to start.]   And insist that they test-out after the work is done to verify the performance of the work and that any combustion equipment in your home is operating safely.



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