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Secretary Chu mentions air-sealing…and more

October 25, 2010

Piggybacking on the “Feds on Air-Sealing” post, I thought I’d post a not-so-short video of Secretary of Energy, Dr. Steven Chu, answering questions about home energy efficiency during energy-efficiency awareness month.    He points to more DOE resources, and the DOE’s blog post about this video conversation has links to them.

Right at the beginning, Chu highlights blocking drafts (air-sealing!) and insulating. “It’s like blocking and tackling,” Chu says. “The most important thing.”

He mentions dishwashers (better than handwashing!), computers, cool roofs, and more.

DOE Secretary Chu on The Daily Show

July 23, 2009

Looking much less stiff than others in the Cabinet, U.S. DOE Secretary Steven Chu appears as a guest on The Daily Show on Tuesday talking about energy policy and cap and trade.

Steven Chu on The Daily Show

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