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Do you need a Dehumidifier?

February 18, 2013

humidityAs we look to improve our homes and the air in it, taking control of the airways are very important.  Come wintertime, we often struggle with comfort in more ways that just staying warm.   Sometimes it gets dry too.   People tend to be comfortable with humidity levels a little higher than what is ideal to prevent condensation issues and mold growth.

Winter brings dryer air and a home that is more porous than it should be brings that air inside.  Keep in mind that our homes are like chimneys.   They are smoke stacks drawing from low and exhausting out high.  When exceptionally dry air is brought into our homes it tends to make us uncomfortable.  The quick fix solution is to slap a humidifier on the duct work.  Voila!  Comfort!

This can come with a price, maintenance for one.  If you don’t keep that unit clean it can become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.  Just the sort of thing you don’t want attached to the air distribution system in your home, sort of like building over a stinky damp crawlspace.

Sealing up air leaks in your home will help control moisture by reducing much of the dry air entering in the first place.  If you still need humidification then keep the unit clean and monitor humidity levels.  Excessive condensation on windows, and mold growth in wintertime are signs that you might have too much moisture in the air.   Take control of your airways and manage moisture too!





Moisture in the Home: Sometimes you need a dehumidifier

July 16, 2012

Despite what some might think, bigger isn’t always better. We talk about the right size furnace or air conditioner for our homes, it makes sense that a dehumidifier should be sized right too.

First of all, I suggest you take care of everything you can to reduce moisture in the first place. (Home as microbiology experiment? Moisture, keep it reasonable and stay safe) This is a lot like what I suggest in terms of heating and cooling in a home. Air seal and insulate first to make the home more efficient, then change the HVAC system.  The same principle applies to choosing a dehumidifier:  reduce the need first, and this will allow for a smaller unit.  It might be smaller, but it will use less energy.

Since basements and other spaces sometimes need some dehumidification, consider the following chart:

Picking a dehumidifier

ENERGY STAR® qualified models are better since they use less energy, and you can check the EnergyGuide sticker to see what yearly energy consumption a model has.



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