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Reduce first!

October 30, 2013

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, the call for environmental responsibility, is well known.


The demonstration home in San Diego, I’ve been discussing over in the last few months, has been a great success allowing GreenHomes America partner ASI Hastings to show, as well as tell, their community of the great work that can be done in their homes tackling these R’s in particular the first one Reduce.


We’ve talked about some of the high efficiency equipment they installed, some of the exterior improvements which helped to reduce water usage, but a homeowner can reduce their usage simply by improving the building itself.  GreenHomes America locations combine building improvements with equipment improvements for a win-win situation.


This is exactly what ASI Hastings did, they insulated the walls, attic and air sealed the home. By insulating and reducing the amount of uncontrolled airflow in the home they reduced what the home’s systems needed to produce for comfort.



Bipartisanship in DC? Can energy-efficiency bring us together?

May 5, 2010

Spence Abraham, the former Secretary of Energy under Bush 2 and a former Senator from Michigan, and John Engler, the former (R) governor of Michigan and current President of the National Association of Manufacturers, penned an op-ed in The Hill today endorsing Home Star, the energy-efficiency home retrofit bill.  And they summed up the merits by quoting the President.

“This is not a Democratic idea or a Republican idea; this is a common-sense approach that will help jumpstart job creation while making our economy stronger.”

And “common sense” is a phrase often used by Peter Welch (D-VT), who is the lead sponsor of the bill in the House, a bill that made it out of committee with bipartisan support.

Here’s hoping that common sense and bipartisanship can prevail for the good of the country.   It should.  Quoting Messrs. Abraham and Engler, “Support for jobs, homes and energy efficiency naturally crosses party lines.”

Reason to be hopeful.


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