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Looking like a hero…

April 23, 2011

What a sad state of affairs.  Some of the work we run across is simply atrocious.  Insulation with no air-sealing–a complete waste of money.  Poor windows, installed poorly!  And furnaces and air-conditioners installed without adult supervision.  It’s easy for us to look like heros by simply doing things the right way and fixing the terrible work of those who’ve gone before.

Wow. At least they used tape, eh?

The above is a Virginia example, run across by the folks at Energy Efficient Solutions, our partner in the Yorktown area of Virginia. I ran out of fingers counting the visible problems here. I shudder to think what the rest of the construction details look like.

Most of the time, Chuck and company are able to fix this and leave the homeowner tickled with the huge improvement.  It this case, unfortunately, it’s a bank-owned property, and apparently they’re not interested in having it fixed.

Sometimes, you just gotta shake your head.

Yes, Virginia, there are energy improvement rebates.

March 23, 2011

Energy Efficient Solutions, A GreenHomes America PartnerWe mentioned partner Energy Efficient Solutions while talking about their great crawlspace work the other day.  Well, they can help you tap into some of the great rebates available on cooling and heating equipment still available in Virginia, right now.  But likely only if you act fast.  There are still Recovery Act rebates in place for heat pumps, furnaces, and water heaters.  And there is a home retrofit program on the streets in the Hampton Roads area.  In many cases, these are in addition to already existing utility rebates–up to $5,000!  But as we’ve seen on most other states, these funds will probably be used up quickly, within weeks or months.   It’s first-come, first-served, and when the money’s gone, it’s gone.  Don’t miss out.  [Call Energy Efficient today to get your place in line!]  Whether rebates or tax credits or both, depending on your project, now is the time.

Crawlspaces don’t have to be stinky!

March 21, 2011
Dead Rabbit in Crawlpace

Often a smelly crawlspace is caused mold or mildew. Sometimes, by dead animals. Occasionally, both.

While it is snowing AGAIN today in parts of the Northeast, many folks are hoping the ice-damming season is over.  (Smart folks who recognized the problem are looking ahead to prepare for next year, though.  Remember, ice damming is only one symptom of a year-round problem.) 

Meanwhile, crawlspaces in the Southeast are already ramping up to reach their full stinky potential.  I’ve been in some that literally made me sick.  And many people live in houses that are well connected to that wet, smelly, allergen producing mold farms.

Typical Poor Crawlspace Installation

If your crawlspace looks like this, it probably isn't working well

Let me state the obvious.  Moldy, stinky crawlspaces aren’t good.  But as with ice damming, the smell is a symptom.  The problem is poor moisture control and energy detailing.  Some of it stems from older building codes that got it exactly wrong and required counterproductive “ventilation”.  And a lot stems from unwise material choices and poor attention to installation.  (As Jason hinted at a couple of weeks ago, they’re building homes faster than we can fix them!)

Mold and mildew  in the crawlspace are signs that you could be in for more trouble, including rotting wood framing that can put your whole house in jeopardy, and critters including rodents and snakes, and high utility bills.  Much of this is driven by designs and construction practices that don’t control moisture.

A clean, properly sealed and insulated crawlspace can tranform your home.

Fortunately, there are good solutions, and the right folks to deliver them.  For example, the team at Energy Efficient Solutions, a GreenHomes America location in Yorktown, Virginia sees this all the time—they live in stinky crawlspace country.  But they’ve been doing an excellent job transforming people’s homes from the ground up.

A good crawlspace encapsulation, controlling water and moisture, using a strong vapor barrier on the ground, and sealing and insulating the crawlspace walls, make the crawlspace the foundation of a well-performing home as it should be, rather than a nightmare below the floorboards the plagues your home constantly.  The benefits are amazing.  You can virtually eliminate mold and mildew and the smells and the rot that accompany them, make the space less interesting for rodents, increase the comfort and livability of your home, and save money by reducing your utility bills.

If you’ve got a stinky crawlspace, cold floors in the winter, high utility bills, or musty odors in your home, you do NOT have to live with it.  Start with a good assessment of your home and let us fix the problems!


GreenHomes America Welcomes Maine, Long Island, and Virginia to the party!

January 26, 2011

We’re delighted to announce new GreenHomes locations in Maine, Long Island, and Southeastern Virginia.

Joining the GreenHomes family are:

  • Thayer Corporation  A GreenHomes America PartnerThayer Corporation serving Maine from the Portland area through Lewiston Auburn.  Founded in 1981, and led by Dan Thayer, Thayer Corp is one of the largest and most successful HVAC companies in Maine.
  • Master Mechanical Plumbing and HeatingMaster Mechanical, based in Farmingdale, NY, has been providing Long Islanders with a full-range of HVAC services since 1995.  Principal Jamie Bonifazio is leading the charge to add comprehensive home performance solutions to their mix.
  • Energy Efficient Solutions, A GreenHomes America partnerEnergy Efficient Solutions began in 2001 under the leadership of Chuck Worley and provides services from Richmond through the Hampton Roads pennisula down to Virginia Beach.  Joining Chuck’s team is well-know expert Ray Walsh who’s trained contractors and energy raters throughout Virgnia and the mid-Altantic.

We’re absolutely thrilled to have three great companies join GreenHomes, and it’s exciting that they are all already on the street delivering comprehensive home performance solutions.  You can read more about these new additions or find our other locations on the GreenHomes website.

Stay tuned–there are additional locations on the way soon!


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