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GreenHomes America is Hiring

April 29, 2011

GreenHomes America is HiringGrow With The Leader in Home Performance!
We Are Hiring!

Top Reasons to Work for GreenHomes America

  • Market leader in an exciting industry
  • Competitive salaries & great benefits
  • Rewarding “green” environment helps people and the planet
  • Use the latest tools, equipment & technology
  • Training and advancement opportunities

We Want the Best!

If you are highly motivated, driven to achieve, team-oriented, and dedicated to customer satisfaction then you’ve come to the right place!  We are looking for:

  • Advisors/Auditors—multiple locations in NY, NJ, CA, VA etc.
  • Financing manager
  • Installation Technicians

For more information or to apply:  visit us online or email

Equal Opportunity Employer.

GreenHomes is hiring in New York, California, and Virginia

April 20, 2011
We Are Hiring!

With more people concerned about making their homes more comfortable and concerned about rising energy costs, we’re seeing strong demand for quality home improvements.  To continue to grow and serve these homeowners, GreenHomes America needs to add to our top-notch staff.  

Currently, we’re hiring Energy Advisors and installers in Syracuse, NY, the Capital District of New York, and several California and Virginia locations.  Knowledge and experience in the home performance arena is strongly preferred, but we also have an industry leading in-house training program.  If you’re committed to excellence and customer satisfaction and you  like seeing happy homeowners after we’ve solved their comfort and energy problems, contact us for more information.  [Note–we do background checks, reference checks, and drug-testing.]

Our partner, Energy Efficient Solutions, in Yorktown, VA, is also hiring.


China creates energy jobs while Washington bickers

September 19, 2010

Hey, here’s an idea. Let’s argue about climate change, and let partisan posturing keep us from investing in clean-tech and energy-efficiency. And let’s let China invest in “electric vechicles, smart grids, LED lighting” and create hundreds of thousands of jobs while it builds a more efficient infrastructure and captures the leadership in the new energy and efficiency markets. Oh, wait, that’s not just an idea! That’s what’s happening right now. It’s summed up well in Thomas Friedman’s article in the NY Times yesterday.

There’s nothing preventing us from investing in a smart energy future to provide energy independence, increase national security, improve our national and home economics, and creates jobs almost immediately even in a down market.  Common sense suggests we do exactly this.  But it’s silly season, and it seems many of our leaders are more concerned with scoring political points than they are with leading.  Go figure.

Green jobs with GreenHomes–We’re hiring

June 22, 2010

Here’s an example of green jobs in action.

GreenHomes America is expanding in  California, New York, North Carolina.   We are looking for experienced professionals  who understand the home performance/building performance industry and have the talent, skills, and motivation required to help us deliver outstanding results to homeowners.  In particular, we’re hiring:

  • Residential Sales Advisors
  • Customer Service Reps
  • HVAC Service Technicians
  • Shell Crew Leads and Technicians
  • Office Managers
  • Building Performance Trainers.

Real jobs, great benefits, and a chance to help improve out energy independence and save the planet one home at a time.   Visit the GreenHomes website to learn more about specific openings and locations.


Congressman Welch Leads Home Star Job Creation Initiative

March 15, 2010

Congressman Peter Welch hosted an event today in Williston, VT at the home of some Vermonters investing in energy-efficiency in their own home–and expecting to save 30% doing so.  The Congressman spoke about the pending Home Star legislation, and local contactors, builders, retailers, energy experts, and home owners joined in supporting the proposal.

Remarks by Mike Rogers, Senior Vice President, GreenHomes America

Williston, VT — March 15, 2009 — My name is Mike Rogers. I’m the Senior Vice President at GreenHomes America.  And today we’re here to talk about jobs.

First, let me say what a privilege it is to be here with Congressman Welch.  I’m thoroughly impressed with the Congressman’s work on this issue.  He has shown time and time again the ability to reach out across the aisle and across different segments of his own party to hammer out good, common sense solutions.  I’ve had the opportunity over the last few months to work with a broad group representing contractors, manufacturers, labor, environmentalists, and energy experts from across the political spectrum to provide real-world input into the Home Star concept.  And I’m here to tell you that because of the way Peter focuses on the common sense and practical approach, Home Star has good bi-partisan support.  We in Vermont are lucky to have such leadership.

But let’s get back to jobs, jobs, jobs, because that’s what Home Star is about.

Home Star would help create jobs in the construction industry, perhaps the hardest hit sector of our economy, and a sector in which recovery is lagging even as we show signs of emerging from the recession.  Nationally, more than 25%, that’s 1 in 4, construction jobs have been lost over the past couple of years.  In Vermont, that’s almost 6,000 jobs.  6,000 people out of work.  Home Star would help turn that around.

Home Star means jobs for contractors, the insulators, window installers, heating guys and plumbers.  People in our own communities that we can get back to work, in jobs that can never be exported.

Home Star also means jobs at our local lumber yards and supply houses where we get the materials to make homes more energy-efficient.

Home Star means manufacturing jobs.  And well over 90% of the products and materials used in these home improvement projects are made right here in the U.S.

I can’t speak for the industry, but at my company, these are good paying, year-round jobs, with full benefits, vacation and holiday pay, health insurance, 401(k)s, and more.

The jobs created get people back to work, off unemployment, and get money flowing through our communities.

Home Star does this not by providing a hand-out, but by encouraging private sector investment.  That’s homeowners investing in their own homes.  And private sector businesses investing in their own companies to stand up an industry that will thrive for decades to come. 

That is good economics.  Good home economics.  Good Vermont economics.  And good economic policy for our country.  As Peter would say, it’s good common sense.

Home Star is the right policy for right now.  It’s a bipartisan policy.  I’d like to thank Congressman Welch for his leadership and his willingness to look at this not from a Democrat or Republican perspective, but from the perspective of what’s best for our state and our country.

GreenHomes America offers a home performance retrofit franchise

February 17, 2010

Here’s a sneak peak:  After several years of development, GreenHomes America now has a franchise offer available (in most states).  Now contractors who are interested in offering their customers home performance solutions can take advantage of GreenHomes’ award winning systems to deliver the best.  Visit the GreenHomes website for more information.

GreenHomes America franchise information

Green Jobs

November 3, 2009

Bernie Sanders gets a twofer this week, with a quote from his website:

“Today we face the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression. There is no better moment to move forward aggressively on energy efficiency and creating new sustainable energy and creating jobs in the process. The potential for job growth in this area is bigger than almost anything else I can think of.”

-Senator Bernie Sanders, chairman of the Senate Green Jobs and New Economy Subcommittee

Also, check out his “unfiltered” video from this week. 


Senator Bernie Sanders: Good environmental policy is good economic policy

November 1, 2009

Bernie Sanders in both Senate hearing and other writings with respect to environmental policy, energy policy, and economic policy, “the low-hanging fruit and a real job creator is energy efficiency”.  

[Speaking of Senator Sanders, check out this video from July 2009 from a hearing on Green Jobs, and note that Burlington, VT despite healthy growth and the increase in gadgets seen everywhere, today is consuming only 1% more electricity than it did 20 years ago, essentially handling growth in electricity needs by efficiency rather than building new power plants. ]


Recovery Through Retrofit in the News

October 19, 2009

CNN Money reports on today’s Recovery through Retrofit announcement.

White House Releases “Recovery through Retrofit” report

October 19, 2009

On the White House Live today, Vice President Biden held an event releasing a new report Recovery Through Retrofit Report, that contains an action plan speeding up the adoption of home retrofits nationally and jump start a jobs recovery.   This plan is to address barriers without new money and by using authority the federal government already has.  Essentially, they’re trying to promote the type of retrofits that GreenHomes does today in New York, New Jersey, and Southern California to a wider audience through education, training and certification, and financing options.    They talked about home assessments using the latest tools and skills, and effective improvements. 

The announcement event can be watched on the White House You Tube channel.  You can also read more on the White House blog post

In today’s economy, people want to make their homes safer, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient, and crawling through attics and basements and air-sealing, duct-sealing, insulating, and installing high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment creates jobs right now, jobs that can’t be exported, and jobs that improve home economics and national energy security.  An idea whose time has surely come.


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