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Light Bulb Options

August 14, 2011

With the new light bulb regulations hitting the 100-watt bulbs in January (lower-wattage bulbs will be phased in later over the next few years), Bob Tedeschi has a good article in the NY Times about different light bulb options, and based his his preferences, what works where.

There’s no need to panic–we won’t be living in the dark!

[And a long-term follow-up–still love those CREE CR6 for recessed lighting, LED or otherwise.  It’s just darned good!]

The Incandescent Lighting Meltdown

May 7, 2011

You know I’m a fan of the CREE CR6 LED light.  Mostly because it performs great.  And partly because it’s energy efficient.

Standard incandescent lights waste about 90% of their energy use on producing heat instead of light.  Think about that in the hot summer months every time you turn a light on!

Well, the folks at CREE found a good way to demonstrate this using the Easter Bunny.

Think about that as we head into the summer cooling season.  You pay to waste electricity on inefficient lighting.  And then you either sweat or pay again to remove the extra heat with your air-conditioner.  A double whammy.

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