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Time Running Out for Home Energy Efficiency Tax Credit

October 13, 2011

We’ve provided the details on the federal home energy-efficiency tax credit a few times this year—for efficient furnaces, air-conditioners, windows, insulation, and the like. You’ve have access to the federal tax credit for existing homes for almost six years, in some form or another, including a bump up in the credit amount for two years as part of ARRA and then ratcheting back down this year.

But the time is running out. These federal credits disappear at the end of the year. To be eligible, qualified products must be “placed in service” (installed) by December 31, 2011. If you know you’re going to be doing something that qualifies, now is the time. I’m not betting that Congress will pull together and agree on much of anything, let alone pass something like an extension of this tax credit. So right now, it looks like before the end of the year, or kiss it goodbye.

Of course, if the time isn’t right for you, we always help our customers find any other incentives out there. Call us when you’re ready.

Thanks, Mike

Getting a charge out of (and into) electric vehicles in California

July 26, 2011

The times they are a changin’.  And the cars they are a chargin’!

Our sister company, Linc Lighting & Electrical, has installed the first electric vehicle (EV) charging stations of their kind in downtown Laguna Beach, California, as part of City’s wider effort to implement an array of climate protection measures.   The EV charging stations were officially unveiled at a June 21 press event conducted by the Laguna Beach City Council and attended by my colleagues at The Linc Group. 


An EV charging station in Laguna Beach--A state-of-the-art Coulomb system installed by Linc Lighting & Electrical

“We are proud to be a part of this sustainability initiative in partnership with the City of Laguna Beach,” said Ken Sapp, vice president of Linc EnergyHub. “The Linc Group is strongly committed to providing superior, sustainable services to all of our clients across all of our service areas, including IT, electrical, lighting, controls and HVAC. We also are pleased to have the opportunity to work once again with Coulomb Technologies to help deliver leading sustainability solutions.” 

LLE is also installing charging stations for Nissan Leaf purchases and supporting business locations. 

I’m particularly excited by the in-home installs.  We have the ability, with our GreenHomes Partner locations in San DiegoFresno, and Hayward to work hand-in- hand with LLE, not just with charging stations, but to look at the whole house and find ways to save energy–offseting the electrical consumption of the car!  That’s a huge deal.  And the Energy Upgrade California incentives help pay for the home improvements.  Less gas, less smog, lower utility bills, and money back!  It’s a quadruple win!

You don’t have to buy an electric vehicle to start saving in your home and taking advantage of the cash back rebates.  And the funny thing is, the improvements make sense even without the rebates.  You wind up with a more comfortable, healthier home with lower utility bills.  Good stuff!


New York customers: National Grid has no more cash for rebates

April 14, 2010

For our New York customers, National Grid has run out of money for its rebate program and is no longer offering them.  Fortunately, NYSERDA’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR is still up and running.   We anticipate significant changes to the Home Performance program in the coming months making it more difficult for many homeowners to access rebates.  As such, we’re encouraging our customers to act quickly before those incentives including cash back and loans is gone, too.

[October 2010 Update:  Rebates are back.  See]


State and Local Incentives

November 10, 2008

Speaking of the tax credits (I mentioned the renewed federal tax credits in my last post), there are a variety of state, local, and utility incentives, credits, rebates, etc.  Way too many—and being changed too often—for me to list here. 

Fortunately, the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE) keeps track of incentives throughout the U.S.  The website is updated frequently and it contains information on energy-efficiency and solar (and other renewables) incentives. With this easy to use tool, you don’t have to scour through numerous lackluster government websites full of environmental jargon. 

Check it out and make sure you’re taking advantage of the money, loans, and other help available to you.  (We do this for our customers.)


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