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GreenHomes America is Hiring

April 29, 2011

GreenHomes America is HiringGrow With The Leader in Home Performance!
We Are Hiring!

Top Reasons to Work for GreenHomes America

  • Market leader in an exciting industry
  • Competitive salaries & great benefits
  • Rewarding “green” environment helps people and the planet
  • Use the latest tools, equipment & technology
  • Training and advancement opportunities

We Want the Best!

If you are highly motivated, driven to achieve, team-oriented, and dedicated to customer satisfaction then you’ve come to the right place!  We are looking for:

  • Advisors/Auditors—multiple locations in NY, NJ, CA, VA etc.
  • Financing manager
  • Installation Technicians

For more information or to apply:  visit us online or email

Equal Opportunity Employer.

China creates energy jobs while Washington bickers

September 19, 2010

Hey, here’s an idea. Let’s argue about climate change, and let partisan posturing keep us from investing in clean-tech and energy-efficiency. And let’s let China invest in “electric vechicles, smart grids, LED lighting” and create hundreds of thousands of jobs while it builds a more efficient infrastructure and captures the leadership in the new energy and efficiency markets. Oh, wait, that’s not just an idea! That’s what’s happening right now. It’s summed up well in Thomas Friedman’s article in the NY Times yesterday.

There’s nothing preventing us from investing in a smart energy future to provide energy independence, increase national security, improve our national and home economics, and creates jobs almost immediately even in a down market.  Common sense suggests we do exactly this.  But it’s silly season, and it seems many of our leaders are more concerned with scoring political points than they are with leading.  Go figure.

GreenHomes is Hiring

July 26, 2009

Please pardon the ad, but I thought this might be of interest to you or someone you know.  Although the economy hasn’t bounced back completely yet, a lot of people are recognizing the importance of and value of improving their homes.   The $1500 federal tax credits for insulation, furnaces, air-conditioners, windows, and more certainly help.  And from an ROI perspective, investing in energy-efficiency can be one of the best investments to make right now.

As such, GreenHomes is busier than ever and accepting applications in Syracuse, Princeton, Northern New Jersey, and LA and Ventura counties in California.   Additional locations coming soon.  We’re looking for Advisors, Shell Technicans, HVAC Technicians, Certified Solar Installers, and more.   This is a great place for someone who likes the idea of more homes safer, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient, and who is looking to play a role in the country’s clean energy future.   See  GreenHomes for more info.

GreenHomes is Hiring!

Hiring Advisors in New Jersey

June 3, 2009

Warning-advertisement: GreenHomes wants the best in the business! We are now hiring Advisors in Northeast New Jersey. GreenHomes offers a competitive and comprehensive benefits package including paid vacation, medical and dental insurance, 401k, and more. Come help us help homeowners be more comfortable, use less energy, and save money! As an Equal Opportunity Employer, GreenHomes is committed to diversity in the workplace. Reach us at

Green Collar Jobs

November 3, 2008

At a meeting in Pittsburgh recently, we talked a lot of green collar jobs.  This has been a subject of discussion from Business Week to the New York Times to politicians of all stripes over the past several months.
And it makes great sense for this country and for individuals.  Rather than send our money directly overseas to oil and gas producers—and then watch the product burn and fly out our chimneys, we can improve our homes, create jobs, help the economy, and help our own pocket books.  While the arena of green collar jobs is broader than just homes—and includes windmills, large-scale solar and geothermal, and even transportation—let me use home improvement as an example.
The individual economics are clear.  If someone is spending $2,000 per year to heat their home with gas or oil (maybe more than that this year!), and we can save them $1,000 per year (or more if prices continue to rise—which they will in the long run) with a $5,000 project, then in 5 years, they’ll have recovered the cost of the project and be saving a lot of money every single year.  Actually, with good financing, you can in many cases have payments less than the savings so you have extra cash throughout the loan period, too.  Of course, you also get a more comfortable house and protection against rising energy prices.
How does this create green jobs?  Well, someone has to install that insulation or furnace.  And if they do it properly—the only way you’ll actually get the savings you deserve, it takes more time.  Multiply this by tens of thousands of homes in your area or millions of homes nationally, and it’s clear we need a lot more people out there doing the work.  It’s not just installations technicians—we’ll need to support them with office staff, they’ll need tools and equipment and materials, most of which means more manufacturing here in this country.  These installation and related positions cannot be shipped overseas.  The work needs to been done onsite in more than 100 million homes in this country.
And there’s a multiplier effect.  Think what happens when someone has a local job.  They buy groceries and clothes and visit the dentist and picnic at the lake and do a lot of other things that boost the local economy.  $50,000 spent weatherizing a group of homes stays in the community are gets spent again and again.  Compare that with $50,000 spent on oil which disappears instantly.
Green collar jobs is just another reason why energy-efficiency makes sense for you in your home—and for you in your community.

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