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Philips submits 60-watt bulb replacement for testing in DOE’s “L Prize” contest

September 25, 2009

DOE and partners are conducting a contest to development replacements for the 60W incandescent light bulb–the L Prize

Philips has submitted the first entry–and if testing shows the products meets the requirements, Philips wins the $10 million prize and leads the way into the market place.

To avoid the problems the plagued the introduction of CFLs as low quality bulbs flooded the market, The L Prize competition includes technical specifications for quality, performance, and mass manufacturing as well as a rigorous evaluation to detect and address product weaknesses before market introduction, to avoid problems with long-term market acceptance.

There are some LED so-called replacements for regular Type A bulbs out there, but these aren’t ready for prime time.  (As I’ve written, the CREE LED recessed lights are!)  I’m confident these products will be ready within a few years.  Kudos to DOE for the contest, and to Philips for the first entry.


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