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LED Lighting Facts: New Consumer Label for Lighting

February 13, 2012


Expect to see LED light bulb packaging sport a new label this summer.  The intent is to introduce some transparency in the market and guard against exaggerated claims in lighting performance.  

This should lend some clarity on lumens, (a measure of the light output) how many lumens per watt, helping us better understand the bulb’s efficiency as well as the light color.  One of the arguments against migrating away from incandescent has been the quality of the light.   Hopeful labeling will help shed some light on this subject (sorry I couldn’t resist). More here at



Light Bulb Options

August 14, 2011

With the new light bulb regulations hitting the 100-watt bulbs in January (lower-wattage bulbs will be phased in later over the next few years), Bob Tedeschi has a good article in the NY Times about different light bulb options, and based his his preferences, what works where.

There’s no need to panic–we won’t be living in the dark!

[And a long-term follow-up–still love those CREE CR6 for recessed lighting, LED or otherwise.  It’s just darned good!]

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