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Bills on the Rise? Freezing, Overheating? Take a Clue from Survival on the High Seas

February 28, 2014

Nobody wants to hear about rising energy costs. For utility customers in New York, prices have going up this winter. Some of it was an accounting error, but increased demand for Natural Gas due to the swerving polar vortex helped.
Propane costs have gone up too, article from Kansas Cityreferences pricing as high as $5 a gallon. ship at seaAll of this reminds me of the days when crude oil prices were all over the proverbial road, never mind a little swerving polar vortex.
It’s not just about heating and cold winters. California is experiencing a lack of winter which sounds kind of nice coming from the Northeast. They are also seeing a drought and I’d expect a long hot summer which means an expensive cooling season ahead.
We can’t control fuel prices, but we can take control of our homes. There’s a great thing in being able to “weather the storm”. In our homes, that means comfort, but also peace of mind that we are protected from the elements. Integrating resilience, in our homes is as simple as insulating a home well and air sealing it properly. It is like preparing for a long voyage across the sea, and helps when weather or high fuel costs hit us broadside. Batten down the hatches!


Upstate Update: New York/National Grid Rebate

October 3, 2010

Attention upstate New York residents:  the National Grid Upstate New York High Efficiency Heating Equipment Rebate Program officially opened October 1.  This is a great opportunity to get a little help upgrading for the winter.  Below is the schedule of rebate amounts. 

2010 National Grid NY Rebate Schedule

 As you can see, there are a wide range of products covered and the more efficient the appliance the greater the rebate.

The program requires that customers obtain a ‘rebate reservation’ for their anticipated rebate incentive at   The program is available on a first-come-first served basis, so make sure you take care of all of those nagging problems right away!   

We can help navigate the utility requirements (they can be a bit confusing) and let you know if you qualify for other NY programs at 315-474-6549 or


NY National Grid Customers 75% Subsidy Expiring

May 7, 2009

Spring is here, but New York National Grid Customers need to act fast so they don’t get caught cold.  The 75% subsidy for furnace replacements for income-eligible customer expires on May 31.  This is an amazing opportunity, but the work needs to be approved and scheduled before the end of the month.  NY customers call Greenhomes for details at 315-474-6549 or


Reminder: NY Homeowner—Energy Efficiency Grant offers 75% up to $6,000!

March 16, 2009

Just a reminder that we’ve gotten a few questions on over the weekend.   Earlier this year, NYSERDA’s grant to income-qualifying homeowners, increased to 75% up to $6,000 for customers using an accredited contractor like GreenHomes in the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program.  Other incentives like low-interest loans, and the federal tax credits we’ve been talking a lot about are also available.  Please feel free to contact us for more information.


New York Homeowner—Energy Efficiency Grant Expiring

August 8, 2008

An important source of funding for New Yorkers is disappearing soon.  Many homeowners in New York qualify for incentives under the state’s Home Performance with Energy Star program .  Incentives range from low-interest loans and cash back to 50% grants for income-qualifying homeowners.  Some gas customers of National Grid may also qualify for an additional 10% back—but this National Grid program for high-efficiency furnaces ends September 30.  When compounded by the fact that National Grid, like many other utilities around the country, has also announced a major rate increase that will hit as we roll into winter, it’s time to seriously think about moving to a high-efficiency furnace or boiler if you haven’t done so already!

As this information is subject to change and updates, please feel free to contact GreenHomes for  the latest information on the grants available in New York.

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