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“The Second Affair” A trashy love story (sort of)

September 24, 2012

Lic. creative commons. photo by Mario A. Leitón

At GHA, we use the best material to get the job done right.  While there are many types of insulation out there, one that many locations use quite frequently is cellulose.  One of the great things about this stuff is that it is a recycled product.  Ever wonder what happens to all those newspapers that are carted off in a recycling bin instead of heading to the trash?   Cardboard is one product, but insulation is the one near to our heart. 

Fortunately cellulose manufacturers have not been greatly affected by the recent decline in newspaper circulation as there are plenty of other materials available.  According to the American Forest and Paper Association, there’s over 1 million pounds of paper waste generated every ten minutes in the U.S. That means there’s lots of material to use in making cellulose.  In fact, one manufacturer was using romance novels for a while!  Sounds like a good way to insulate and it really gives a new meaning to the term “trashy novels”.  

Cellulose is just one of many options for insulating your home.  This is why it’s important to have an expert assess your home and decide what is best not only in action, but also for materials.  When cellulose insulation is a good match, we pick the cleanest and safest available to install.  Now that’s a love story with a happy ending!



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