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Strengthen the country by investing at home, in your home!

January 30, 2012

 Since the housing market unraveled 5 years ago, home prices have fallen by a third nationwide, which is by the way, more than they did during the Great Depression. Depressing?  Maybe, but it has caused many homeowners to reconsider selling, and invest in their homes in some really good ways.

I think for many of us current economic times have caused us to reconsider our priorities.  We have been forced to reset our “unrealistic expectations” clocks if you will.  But look at some of the great lessons learned a few generations ago: frugalness, recycling, and best utilizing what we have instead of discarding things for something new when it’s not necessary. Sort of “green” isn’t it?

We are in different times in this nation than we were in the 1930’s which ended with our participation in World War II.  Hopefully instead of beginning a busy industrial era by entering another world war, we rise can to the call in a war against in-efficiency, and where better to do that but at home? Creating jobs here at home and spending our dollars in our local communities seems like just the ticket.

In the housing market it is hard to say what will happen in this coming year, but some are already seeing a rise in sales. What is for certain is that combating energy in-efficiency is here to stay, and in doing so you will be rewarded for your efforts whether or not you intend to sell your home.

Investing in your homes reduces your expenses now and over the long term, especially as energy costs rise.  It increases your comfort immediately, as well as over the years.  And energy efficiency is increasingly recognized by the real estate industry and professional appraisers.  The measures you have performed on your home will increase the resale value for years to come if you do decide to sell in the future.  Do your part and join the “war” effort right at home!



September 13, 2011

I’m not convinced that the steps NASCAR is taking–as discussed in this NYTimes article “Gentlemen, Start Conserving“–really mean the oval track is green.  But it does point to something we already know.  Saving energy, producing energy, and even recycling, often make good business sense.  At the end of the day, do you really want to burn money if you don’t have to?


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