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Is it time to replace your furnace, boiler, or heat pump?

October 25, 2009

We get asked lot whether someone should replace their furnace, boiler, or heat pump.  Great question.  Of course, it’s hard to say for certain without know the particulars–but the best answer is often earlier than people think.

Most people wait until their system breaks down to consider replacing it.  They don’t want to pay the cost of the new equipment any earlier than they have to.  With today’s new high-efficiency furnances and boilers, however, you may be spending a lot more in waste heat and money sent in smoke up your chimney than you save by waiting.  It’s be worth taking a look at.

And there are a variety of comfort, safety, and noise factors which might also point you toward a new system now.  Look for simple signs that it may be time to replacement your furnace.

A huge advantage of “planned replacement” (as opposed to “emergency replacement”) is that you have the luxury of making adjustments to your home which can greatly improve comfort, safety, and energy-efficiency, and you can match the system to your exact requirements rather than getting stuck with whatever is on the shelf.

Check the signs that it might be time to replace.  If it is, look at your whole house for the best combination of improvements to me.  And remember that all of this may be eligible for the current $1500 federal tax credits for home improvements including furnaces, air-conditioning, insulation, windows, and even roofing.


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