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What can you do about Ice Dams and Roof Damage?

January 17, 2014

iceEven though we’ve had a warm spell, and the Polar Vortex seems long ago winter’s not over!  It’s still that time of year that freezing and thawing in many parts of the country means ice dams.   We have a great resource found here that will answer your questions about common household problems including ice dams.

There are some solutions to take care of them immediately but know the long term solutions are not from the outside but from the inside of your home.  It has to do with proper air sealing and insulation.

Ice on your roof may be normal, in fact sometimes it’s unavoidable. Don’t accept roof damage, dangerous icicles and roof rakes as just another fact of winter.  Have your home looked at by an energy auditor that can recommend solutions for the long term.



GreenHomes Kicks Off CNY Icicle Contest

January 21, 2009

I’ve talked about icicles a few times over the past couple of months.  Large icicles and ice damns are usually a sign of an underlying problem with your home, and untreated can lead to expensive damage to your home.


GreenHomes America’s Syracuse branch is running a contest through February 2009 for the “biggest, baddest” icicle—with the winner receiving $1,000 in home performance improvements to help fight back!  If you live in Central New York, check out the contest at




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