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Do it right the first time

August 30, 2010

I adored the WSJ article by Scott Adams that Mike pointed us to on Thursday and I was laughing out loud at a lot of what Scott had to say. Although the path he walked was flawed, and his end result is probably still not as efficient as it could be, he captured the essence of something that we believe in here at GreenHomes America: Being ‘green’ is about finding solutions that both reduce energy consumption and meld with your lifestyle, so they are sustainable in the long run.

Although his underlying premise was something we believe in, the way he went about building his green home is at odds with our philosophy, which is ‘do it right the first time’.

Building a home or upgrading/retrofitting a home are like going into surgery – you want a doctor you can trust. If you choose someone like Dr. Nick Riviera (from The Simpsons) you will inevitably find that you end up with more problems and bigger problems in the long run. If you need proof take a look at these contractor bloopers (and more, and more bloopers). If you are serious about the health of your home you should choose a reputable contractor with years of experience who does not cut corners. Enter, Greenhomes America.

At Greenhomes America we take the efficiency of homes seriously. We don’t go for the ‘quick fix’ because we know from experience that it will end up costing you more in the long run. That’s why we always start with a comprehensive energy audit, so we can identify underlying problems and give you detailed insight into your home’s issues and your options for resolving them.  And why we recommend you use a BPI Gold Star Accredited Contractor like GreenHomes.

And Mr. Adams, if you’re reading this, please give us a call.  I’m certain that we can make your house perform better so you’re comfortable, your energy use drops, and that meter “spins backwards”!  Just tell our operator that I sent you.

The Dilbertesque view on green building

August 26, 2010

Scott Adam, the creator of Dilbert, has a funny–and all too true at times!–take on green building in an opinion piece in the WSJ.  Energy effiiciency, radiant floors, photovoltaics.  Ah, if only he’d called us first!  (Thanks for the heads up on this piece, Tiger!)

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