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Secretary Chu mentions air-sealing…and more

October 25, 2010

Piggybacking on the “Feds on Air-Sealing” post, I thought I’d post a not-so-short video of Secretary of Energy, Dr. Steven Chu, answering questions about home energy efficiency during energy-efficiency awareness month.    He points to more DOE resources, and the DOE’s blog post about this video conversation has links to them.

Right at the beginning, Chu highlights blocking drafts (air-sealing!) and insulating. “It’s like blocking and tackling,” Chu says. “The most important thing.”

He mentions dishwashers (better than handwashing!), computers, cool roofs, and more.

Chu: Saving Energy Saves Money

October 31, 2009

OK, perhaps a bit obvious. But Energy Secretary Steven Chu blogs in yesterday’s Huffington Post:   “Energy efficiency is simply good economics. It will save you money. It will create jobs. It is a way for you to personally decrease your carbon emissions and help save our planet.”


Secretary Chu touts efficiency at solar event

October 13, 2009

Although he was at the solar decathalon in part to promote solar technology, Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu also made a point about making buildings–including homes–more energy efficient.  According to CNET,  

[Secretary Chu] said that in nearly all the many homes he has lived in, making the houses more energy efficient “became a little hobby of mine.” Chu and his wife used to ask to see the energy bills of the previous homeowners and made a game of trying to reduce the bills by 50 percent. Most of the changes are simple and cost hundreds, not thousands of dollars, he said.

“I started doing this long before I knew about climate change. And I have to confess the only reason I was doing that is because I’m fundamentally cheap,” he joked.

Some changes are simple and cheap.  Others more require professional assistance.  But done right, they not only save energy, but make your home more comfortable and safer, too.  How about if DOE signed on to aggressively promote the Thousand Home Challenge to encourage deep energy-efficiency in existing homes to show the country what the possiblities are?


DOE Secretary Chu on The Daily Show

July 23, 2009

Looking much less stiff than others in the Cabinet, U.S. DOE Secretary Steven Chu appears as a guest on The Daily Show on Tuesday talking about energy policy and cap and trade.

Steven Chu on The Daily Show

Steven Chu as Energy Secretary

December 18, 2008

You’ve seen the news, and it is good.  Nobel Laureate Dr. Steven Chu, the head of Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, has been named by President-elect Obama as his nominee to U.S. Secretary of Energy.  At LBNL he championed energy-efficiency and renewable energy research for the feds.  And he doesn’t live in the ivory tower but rather has shown a practical interest in moving technology out to market–where we all can use it.   Former Secretary Spencer Abraham (from Bush’s first term) joins the chorus of voices calling Chu an excellent choice.

Chu, together with my former Takoma Park neighbor Carol Browner, selected as “Energy Czar”, and others, is part of an exciting team to can help lead the charge to a move energy-efficient and energy-independent United States.

Improving homes is a huge part of the equation, and I look forward to being part of the effort.


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