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It’s Cold, But Don’t Use Your Stove to Heat Your Home or Apartment

January 17, 2011

With temperatures sinking to single digits—and even well below zero in many locations around the Northeast—the potential for house fires shoots up as some attempt to use their kitchen stove or other forms of open flame sources to heat their homes or apartments for warmth.  Don’t!

  • NEVER USE YOUR OVEN FOR HEATING. Kitchen ovens were never designed for heating homes only for cooking food.  There is a risk from both carbon monoxide (CO) and fire.
  • Never Leave High Stove Heat Unattended. Stay close when using high heat on the stovetop. If you must leave to answer the door or the phone, keep a spoon or a potholder in your hand so you have a visual reminder to get back to the kitchen ASAP.
  • Review portable heater safety tips.  Kathryn had a nice post about space heater safety this fall.  Reread it!

Stay warm, but be safe.  If your home or furnace isn’t up to the task, call is.  If it’s a question of affording the utilities, check out your local community agencies or your state’s LIHEAP program for emergency assistance. 


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