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Strong Winds and Power Outages Rack the Northeast

March 14, 2010

Wild winds are ripping Central New York and much of the Northeast. Thousands without power.

This reminds me about the value of a solid, energy-efficient home in a disaster. Think if the power went out in the middle of winter. Would your home pipes freeze? Become too cold to live in? Would you have weeks, days, or only hours before you became concerned? An energy-efficient home maintains its desired temperature longer—it can “coast” without power much longer than an inefficient home. That pot of coffee in a glass carafe sitting on the counter gets cold fast. The same pot of coffee in a Thermos will stay hot for hours. That thermal efficiency builds an extra level of protection, and can buy you days. In fact, some well-built and detailed homes in the Northeast can go all winter long, with no heat, and never drop below 50 degrees. Now, 50 degrees isn’t a comfortable indoor temperature, but it’s nice to know a house won’t “crash”.

The same logic applies in hot climates in the summer. If a storm or blackout hits when it’s 100+ degrees, how long will your home stay safe and livable?

Some may retort, “My generator will take care of me.”  For how long?  And if you can’t get more gas/diesel?

Energy-efficiency can be an important part of disaster preparedness. Add in a renewable energy source on top of that, and you’ll have even more piece on mind.


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