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Getting a charge out of (and into) electric vehicles in California

July 26, 2011

The times they are a changin’.  And the cars they are a chargin’!

Our sister company, Linc Lighting & Electrical, has installed the first electric vehicle (EV) charging stations of their kind in downtown Laguna Beach, California, as part of City’s wider effort to implement an array of climate protection measures.   The EV charging stations were officially unveiled at a June 21 press event conducted by the Laguna Beach City Council and attended by my colleagues at The Linc Group. 


An EV charging station in Laguna Beach--A state-of-the-art Coulomb system installed by Linc Lighting & Electrical

“We are proud to be a part of this sustainability initiative in partnership with the City of Laguna Beach,” said Ken Sapp, vice president of Linc EnergyHub. “The Linc Group is strongly committed to providing superior, sustainable services to all of our clients across all of our service areas, including IT, electrical, lighting, controls and HVAC. We also are pleased to have the opportunity to work once again with Coulomb Technologies to help deliver leading sustainability solutions.” 

LLE is also installing charging stations for Nissan Leaf purchases and supporting business locations. 

I’m particularly excited by the in-home installs.  We have the ability, with our GreenHomes Partner locations in San DiegoFresno, and Hayward to work hand-in- hand with LLE, not just with charging stations, but to look at the whole house and find ways to save energy–offseting the electrical consumption of the car!  That’s a huge deal.  And the Energy Upgrade California incentives help pay for the home improvements.  Less gas, less smog, lower utility bills, and money back!  It’s a quadruple win!

You don’t have to buy an electric vehicle to start saving in your home and taking advantage of the cash back rebates.  And the funny thing is, the improvements make sense even without the rebates.  You wind up with a more comfortable, healthier home with lower utility bills.  Good stuff!


Contracting Business Article Cites Clear Thinking in Support of Home Star

September 4, 2010

A Contracting Business article this week, quotes heavily a letter from The Linc Group CEO Tracy Price in support of Home Star.  Tracy very effectively counters short-sighted trade association ACCA opposition to the pending Home Star legislation.  Home Star, supported by of coalition of almost 3,000 companies and organizations nationally from manufacturers and labor groups to small contractors and environmental groups, would provide up to $6 Billion to create U.S. jobs and make home more energy efficient.   ACCA, late to the game and with the finesse of a bull in china shop, supports the basic concept, but would risk killing the program with an argument against high quality standards intended to deliver results and protect taxpayer dollars.  Click here to read Tracy’s full letter.

Whether the Senate has the ability to get the legislation passed—it passed the House in May—remains to be seen.  As mentioned a month ago, we have the technology and ability in this country to make our homes much more energy efficient, increasing our energy security, creating good local jobs, and improving national and home economics.  What is unclear is whether we have the leadership and political will to make it happen.  What do you think?

Senate Hearing Puts HOME STAR’s Job-Creating Potential in the National Spotlight

March 11, 2010

Exciting developments on the HOME STAR front with bills being drafted in both the U.S. House and Senate. GreenHomes America is proud to be supporting these efforts with input based on our real-world experience delivering improvements to homeowners in New York, New Jersey, and California, improvements that not only help them stop wasting money and energy, but more them more comfortable in their homes.

And, as Brett Knox, the President of GreenHomes said, “New jobs are desperately needed in America and HOME STAR will provide them by accelerating the growth of an industry focused on making homes use less energy. HOME STAR is based on established quality assurance standards so homeowners can be confident they are getting quality improvements installed and they will start saving money on their utility bills immediately.”

In Washington DC, the HOME STAR Coalition today applauded Chairman Jeff Bingaman (D-NM), Ranking Member Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and members of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources for holding a hearing on the need for bi-partisan, job-creating legislation such as the proposed HOME STAR legislation.

“I’m honored to have the opportunity to testify before the Senate to voice support for the Home Star program on behalf of the entire HOME STAR Coalition. HOME STAR is a win-win-win as it will put our nation’s skilled construction force back to work, benefit homeowners through comfort and energy efficient improvements to their existing homes, and result in long term energy efficiency gains. On behalf of the entire Home Star Coalition, I urge Congress to act quickly to commence this program,” said WellHome President Larry Laseter in his remarks before the Senate Committee.

HOME STAR is a market-driven, low-bureaucracy program that would create jobs fast by scaling the existing home energy efficiency improvement industry. HOME STAR would use incentives to spur more Americans to start making their homes more energy efficient. It would establish a $6 billion rebate program to encourage immediate investment in energy-efficient appliances, building mechanical systems and insulation, and whole-home energy efficiency retrofits. Consumers nationwide would embrace HOME STAR because it will be imple, accessible and help them save money.

“We believe the HOME STAR program will deliver both economic and environmental benefits,” said Andrew N. Liveris, Chairman and CEO of The Dow Chemical Company. “Economically, it will stimulate the construction sector, among the hardest hit in the recession, while also giving relief to homeowners, who count energy as their largest cost after their mortgage. HOME STAR has the additional benefit of offering immediate consumer relief through direct rebates rather than tax credits to be accrued in a distant future.”  

“Home Star is an essential step to help Americans save on their energy bills while spurring the creation of good jobs and new industries that drive economic recovery and help our country achieve energy independence,” said Chris Chafe, Executive Director of Change to Win. 

HOME STAR would help to kick-start the comeback of our country’s hard-hit construction industry. It’s estimated the legislation would create 168,000 new jobs in construction and related industries over the next two years. This would have a big impact because one out of four construction workers is currently out of a job. President Obama highlighted HOME STAR’s ability to create jobs for construction workers and contractors during a speech on March 2 while visiting Savannah Technical College in Georgia.

“HOME STAR is the right investment for the country at the right time. Energy efficiency is not a partisan issue, as it helps move us toward greater energy independence and enhances our national security. This program is targeted at the largest marketplace in the country, existing homes, and will be create jobs in a new industry that will thrive for decades,” said Tracy Price, CEO of The Linc Group. 

The HOME STAR Coalition represents over 500 construction contractors, building products and mechanical manufacturers, retail sales businesses, environmental and energy efficiency groups and labor advocates from all 50 states who want to see the job creation and energy savings benefits of federal HOME STAR legislation realized.  A draft of the proposed legislation is on the Senate Energy Committee website.

Energy Star Schools

October 24, 2009
Pictured here with Doug Smyers of Linc Service are (l-r) Joyce Pickering, Executive Director and Mitzi Freeman, Associate Director of Finance of Shelton School.

Pictured here with Doug Smyers of Linc Service are (l-r) Joyce Pickering, Executive Director and Mitzi Freeman, Associate Director of Finance of Shelton School.

Shelton School in north Dallas was recently awarded the EPA Energy Star Award, one of only three awarded in the area in the last three years.   Congratulations to Doug Smyers (General Manager, Linc Service Dallas/Fort Worth) and team for helping Shelton School meet the stringent requirements.

Pictured here with Doug Smyers are (l-r) Joyce Pickering, Executive Director and Mitzi Freeman, Associate Director of Finance of Shelton School. 

This comes on the heels of a challenge presented last month by EPA to U.S. School Districts to save energy and money with Energy Star.

Release date: 09/02/2009   WASHINGTON — During the back to school season, EPA is challenging school administrators and building managers to improve energy efficiency throughout their facilities. School districts can answer EPA’s call-to-action by taking the Energy Star Challenge, a pledge to improve the energy efficiency of our nation’s buildings. Schools that accept the challenge will join more than 500 school districts across the country that are helping to fight climate change by committing to reducing their energy use with help from Energy Star.

“Our schools are doing their best to prepare our children for the future, and now they can help make sure that future includes a clean, safe environment,” said EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson. “Taking the Energy Star Challenge will help participating districts cut down on their electricity bills. Money they would have spent on energy can go back into the classroom, where it really belongs.”

The annual energy bill to operate America’s primary and secondary schools totals nearly $8 billion — more than is spent on textbooks and computers combined. Schools that take the Energy Star Challenge can use energy tracking tools, technical guidance, case studies, and other Energy Star tools and resources to help them improve their energy efficiency.

This continues the series of schools the Linc Service and Linc Mechanical have helped meet energy savings targets.

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